Courses Offered

Courses Offered by Professor David Gibbs
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Hist. 450, American Foreign Relations Since 1914 (Fall 2023)

Hist. 498, Undergraduate Capstone, Recent US Foreign Relations (Fall 2023)

Hist. 246, History of American Capitalism (Spring 2023)

Humanities Seminar, How America Became a Right Wing Nation (Spring 2023)

Hist. 301, Introduction to the Study of History (Fall 2022)

Hist. 150c6, Introduction to Political History (Spring 2022)

Humanities Seminar, Has the United States Become an Empire? (Fall 2020)

Hist. 312, Economy and Society in Historical Discourse (Fall 2019)

Hist 695a, Graduate Colloquium in Contemporary US Foreign Relations (Fall 2010)